From Gregory Tanner: Founder and Designer:

 Though Cashletics conceptual roots reach back to 1928, 1929 and 1968, Cashletics was born in 2013 as the product of opportunity and a long-standing desire to revive the values of these touchstone years.  My Cashletics project early form proposed the return of class and character, and my first product sketches took shape as a rugged yet sophisticated rendition of heroes past and present. In February 2013, Cashletics brand was launched to overwhelming enthusiasm, and we set about bringing the full product line to market, available now and permanently as the Cashletics Original Collection: a set of hand-crafted original products put together considerably and carefully by me.


The Company

The Cashletics concept was born from a passion for design, considered cleverness, and acts of true hustle character. My original “Hustle sold separately” premise struck a chord;  I was approached daily by like-minded hustlers intent on helping  build on the foundation we laid  before. It is our goal—as designers, artisans, creators, and businesspeople (hustlers)—to design and create products that become better with time and use. In 2013, we began by representing the classic Cashletics hero through carefully conceived and beautiful imagery. Today, we bring simple, well detailed products to life, taking on the very real between practicality and quality. We’ve set out to grow from day one as a close-knit family of makers, movers, and shakers. Exceptional products,  a statement design, and relentless focus are our obsessions. Our vision for Cashletics today comprises two key elements: Cashletics, and The Hustle Life (our online experience).



With Cashletics we’ve introduced our first line of original, Big Cash (Big Cashletics Logo)and Hustle Life (Small Cashletics Logo)  products. This introductory collection features the statement Cashletics logo on shirts, hoodies, and caps. All created in Denver, Colorado.  We’ve complemented these showcase products to display a lifestyle we truly believe in. Cashletics Orginals Collection is as striking as they are functional, and they’re created with great care to ensure quality, durability and style. Cashletics is here to help you live your life well, and with care they’ll be pieces worth keeping. Our team motto, ” If you want long term success, invest in the hustle. ”

The Hustle Life

The Hustle Life brings together two great passions: hustle and ambition. Some of my favorite memories include childhood ambitions and working my side jobs.  The excitement of the hustle, and of seeking, finding, and discovering success. This appreciation for success transcended into a modern form of The Hustle Life—working a side hustle, saving up,  working hard, and creating a lifestyle.  This lifestyle built an extraordinary way to influence and motive people and a way to incorporate the Cashletics brand into their lives.  The Hustle Life is just another of the way we live through the Cashletics brand.


Cashletics exists as a platform focused on lifestyle, and on hustling to the next level of lifestyle. I believe it’s important to create products we can live by, and to never compromise the hope for a better life. While we design, develop and manufacture goods, we also keep a keen eye on the not-so-distant future, and on new directions that support The Hustle Game. Cashletics exists to design and support a lifestyle. Cashletics will keep moving as a team towards the greater good, and have a hell of a time along the way. Please drop me a line to let me  know if you have any questions, suggestions, or inquiries. Thank you for coming. Attitude is free, and it’s equal-opportunity; everyone has access to the hustle mindset that is Cashletics.